We create digital content that makes connections.

01 . #realtalk

We lift your digital presence out of the noise.

We connect tomorrow with the sum of all our knowledge. We stop other people wasting your marketing budget. We turn your messages into changed behaviour..” One day WE’LL ALL BE ONE. “By 2020-something, so the current talk goes, the entire creative industry will be working independently. Putting together handpicked teams of people who really know what they’re doing, to create and deliver high-impact projects. It’s not about cost. It’s about agility. Who’s hot? Who’s the right person for this project, right now, this minute? Not the guy in the corner who we’ve got to keep fed with work because we’re paying him a salary. Lean. Productive....

  • Digital branding
  • Websites
  • Video - and Photography
  • Apps
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Production
  • Audio Production/Sound design

02 . We create each serviceaccording to your individual specifications and wishes.

Yana Heinstein

Video Producer / 3d Artist / Graphic & Web Designer / Co-Founder

Yana began her career back when HTML and Adobe Flash were in. Always self-taught and on the verve of newest technologies and trends, Yana has developed an overwhelming abundance in everything digital, from visual to audio, traditional to over-the-edge.

She is co-founder/founder of NorthFab and HeinsteinMedia.

In her spare time you can also find her DJing in the local clubs and hugging trees in the woods.

Portfolio: Video/Animation/Motion Graphics (for NorthFab)

Email: yana@heinsteinkelsey.com

Tel: +49 177 828 8734

Richard Kelsey

Co-Founder / Web Designer

Richard began with web design when a buddy asked him if he could build his site in ’09.  Through recommendations and word-of-mouth, Richard had to give up his “real” daytime job, to concentrate on web development. He has worked with and for several agencies over the last 10 years as contractor, building up a portfolio of over 200+ projects, for pretty much every industry, purpose, and demand.

Richard also manages and records music artists and owns the indie label, each.life.

Email: richard@heinsteinmedia.com

Tel: +49 176 626 44148